Our proposal for a new cultural center is located on the higher part of the site, with the main view towards the Buddha cliffs. The design aims to be simple, making use of only non-advanced building techniques, yet still have the uniqueness that would be required by its function.

The design started by determining a boundary of 92x92m. The boundary, a square marked by a wall of 1.2m height, should be thought of as a symbolic enclosure only; tall enough to be constantly visible, but short enough so as not to obstruct views. The boundary contains a garden of 6200m2, with trees and plant life collected from both the immediate area and the larger region, and will be a place for quiet contemplation or small social gatherings.

TypeCultural Center
CollaboratorsAndrea Pinochet - Groma, Jørgen Tandberg Architecture, Børre Mølstad, Øivind Haaland