The project is located in a suburban area of Oslo. On the site is a Biedermeier style house from the turn of the century, built in brick and with lime plastered walls. The house has a defined sill and articulated curved gables.

The task was to design two buildings: a writer’s studio of 15sqm and a garage of 50sqm. The garage is placed 1m from the property line and the writer’s studio 4 m, and the distance to the main house is determined by fire regulations. Each building has two openings and a distinct difference from the inside to the outside. The wall section is doubled: interior walls are constructed from cast in situ, polished black concrete revealing the colorful aggregate, and exterior walls are made of light brick with deep shadow gaps.

The brick bond references the main house with slight ornamentation of the sill. The sill of the writer’s studio extends one shift from the wall-line closest to the main house. The shift in brick bonds in the garage is the height of the main house´ sill, but also the exact height of the owner’s car.

The writers studio has a 2mx2m pivot door in steel and a cheery wood desk with a smaller window. Right in front of the desk is a Copper Beech tree. The roof plates are in zinc, which will patinate and become grey over time. The yard is laid with cobblestones and retaining wall separating the two new buildings is in granite.

All photos by Johan Dehlin

TypeWriters studio