The project is for the National Tourist Routes along a scenic road in Lofoten in the North of Norway. The site is surrounded by steep mountains and a beach facing north straight onto the ocean. The weather is rough, and it has become a popular place for surfers due to the large waves and the sandy beach.

The building will provide restroom facilities and a warm room for visitors and surfers on the beach in front. Our intention is for the building to be clear and definite in the vast and brutal nature.

The structure of the building consist of two load bearing concrete walls and five 16 meter long prefabricated concrete beams. Underneath this primary structure there is a set of lighter, more flexible rooms clad in galvanised steel.

The warm room provides shelter and views of the ocean, and two circular openings through the concrete wall towards the beach on both ends. The outside areas are treated minimally to maintain the weathered and wind swept character of the landscape.

Photographs by Johan Dehlin

TypeService Building
CollaboratorsJørgen Tandberg Arkitekt MNAL, Jonas Løland, Jelle Boone, Trym Langeggen Tafjord