The principle of our proposal for Museum of Forest Finn Culture is to link the museum to the river and create a courtyard with two generous gardens that will serve as a gathering point for the community. The building has a sturdy base volume constructed of ash-pigmented concrete and a light roof clad in metall. This building will provide an informal but worthy framework for dissemination and research of the Forest Finn culture.

The location of the Museum of Forest Finn Culture is an important step for Svullrya and its further development. The site is located centrally in Svullrya on a plot that is flat by the road and stepping down towards the river. We choose to put the project on level with the road and parking in the back, and the exhibition space raised above the ground towards the river. We have put the project as far away from the road, closer to the trees on the site and the river.

CollaboratorsLukas Lecko, Luba Blaskova, Erik Lyche Solheim